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General Knowledge Question and Answer, General Knowledge questions with answers

General Knowledge Question and Answer, General Knowledge questions with answers

General Knowledge Question and Answer, General Knowledge questions with answers
General Knowledge Question and Answer, General Knowledge questions with answers

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General Knowledge Question and Answer,  Most Important General Knowledge-25

1. The first female Prime Minister in the World

A) Sirimavo Bandaranaike

B) Margarett Thatcher

C) Indira Gandhi

D) Golda Meir

➤Answer is : A .

2. Smog is a combination of

A) Fire and Water

B) Air and Water vapour

C) Smoke and Fog

D) Water and Smoke

Answer is : C.

3. In which year Rabindranath Tagore died?

A) 1926

B) 1935

C) 1941

D) 1943

➤Answer is : C.

4. What idea is given by Gandhiji for Family Planning

A) Loop

B) Self control

C) Sterilization

D) Restrain

➤Answer is : B.

5. Which of the following is not style of Swimming

A) Back stroke

B) Front stroke

C) Butterfly

D) Free style

➤Answer is : B.

6. Alaknanda and Bhagirathi meet at

A) Vishnu Prayag

B) Karna rayag

C) Badrinath

D) Dev Prayag

➤Answer is : D.

7. Where is the Headquarters of International Labour Organisation

A) Geneva

B) Paris

C) New York

D) New Delhi

➤Answer is : A.

8. What is the minimum Age required to become the Prime Minister of India?

A) 18 years

B) 25 years

C) 30 years

D) 35 years

➤Answer is : B.

9. What is the colour of Aeroplane black box

A) Black

B) Green

C) Red

D) Orange

➤Answer is : D.

10. Which British Governor General shifted India's capital from Calcutta to Delhi

A) Lord Hardinge

B) Lord Clive

C) Lord Chelmsford

D) Lord Mountbatten

➤Answer is : A.

11. Census of Population in India is done after

A) 2 years

B) 5 years

C) 7 years

D) 10 years

➤Answer is : D.

12. Calciferol is another name for

A) Vitamin A

B) Vitamin B

C) Vitamin C

D) Vitamin D

➤Answer is : D.

13. Abel Prize related to

A) Music

B) Sports

C) Economics

D) Mathematicians

➤Answer is : D.

14. The symbol of the Reserve Bank of India is

A) Top of the Ashoka Pillar

B) A dog sitting in a defensive

C) Royal Bengal tiger standing in front of a palm tree

D) None of these

➤Answer is : C.

15. How many Language are there in Indian Currency notes?

A) 14

B) 17

C) 15

D) 20

➤Answer is : B.

16. Second World War began in which year?

A) 1931

B) 1935

C) 1937

D) 1939

➤Answer is : D.


17. What is the original name of Santa Claus

A) St. Thomas

B) St. Louis

C) St. Nicholas

D) St. Peter

➤Answer is : C.

18. Which port is known as Queen of Arabian Sea

A) Vizag port

B) Paradip port

C) Kochi port

D) Mumbai port

➤Answer is : C.

19. Which year India won first Cricket World Cup?

A) 1975

B) 1979

C) 2003

D) 1983

➤Answer is : D.

20. In which year India's first Satellite Aryabhata was launched

A) 1970

B) 1975

C) 1978

D) 1965

➤Answer is : B.

21. Which is the longest National Highway in India

A) NH-44

B) NH-1

C) NH-5

D) NH-10

➤Answer is : A.

22. Which of the comes from the Latin word meaning "More"?

A) Plus

B) Minus

C) Cos

D) Pi

➤Answer is : A.

23. Hydrogen Bomb is based on the Principle of

A) Nuclear Fission

B) Nuclear Fusion

C) Radioactivity

D) None of these

➤Answer is : B.

24. Which Law govern motion of Planet?

A) Kepler's law

B) Law of gravitational

C) Avogadro's law

D) Newtons law

➤Answer is : A.

25. The process by which Solid substance change into Liquid is called

A) Boiling

B) Sublimation

C) Melting

D) Condensation

➤Answer is : C.

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