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Railway Exams| Mcq Questions| GK in Railway

Railway Exams| Mcq Questions| GK in Railway

Railway Exams| Mcq Questions| GK in Railway.

Today Gk for Railway Group D Exams| Gk questions| Mcq Questions| GK in Railway | Gk For RRB Exams| Railway Group D Exams 2022.RRB Important Questions.Railway Exams| Mcq Questions| GK in Railway Exams.

Hello, my dear friend, Today GK-ALL Exams- Many thanks to all of you for visiting our blog website. I offer all kinds of Comparative Exam Suggestions, General Knowledge, MCQ, and short questions, through my blog website which are very important. Through this blog website, we are on the side of General Knowledge Questions and Answers. 

All these General Knowledge Questions and Answers are available in various competitive exams like SSC, WB Police, Kolkata Police, Indian Army, Navy, and Primary Tate Exam, Today GK-All Exam provides very important questions and answers for passing all these important exams and getting good results. Railway Exams| Mcq Questions| GK in Railway.

Railway Group D Exams| Gk questions| Bengali Mcq Questions| Gk Like Railway, SSC, Primary Tet, or General Knowledge, RRB Group-D Exam. GK in Bengali, Current Affairs and Aptitude for UPSC, WBPSC, POLICE, Primary Tet, SSC, SBI Banking / IBPS, IAS, NTSE, CLAT, RRB, UPPSC, GPSC, MPSC, MPPSC, and other states civil services / all government job recruitment examinations of India.Railway Exams| Mcq Questions| GK in Railway

Today Gk website for GK, Railway Group D Exams| Gk questions| Mcq QuestionsGK in Railway | Gk For Wbcs| Group D Exams 2022-23| RRB Important Questions, questions paper, answer key, RRB Ntpc Gk, Mock test, etc. All competitive exams, the Most important General Knowledge| RRB Group D Exams [like Wbcs, psc, SSC, RRB NTPC, UPSC, NDA, WBP, constable, postal, etc exam.Railway Exams| Mcq Questions| GK in Railway.

Railway Exams| Mcq Questions| GK in Railway

1. What is the primary source of Food for Marine life?

A) Phytoplankton

B) Grass

C) Zooplankton

D) Seaweed

Answer is A.

2. The chemical part of Dye that absorbs light and produces colour is called

A) A Pigment

B) A Chromosphere

C) Neon

D) A Photo Chrome

Answer is A.

3. When an Acid cell is charged, then

A) Electrolyte of cell dilutes

B) Voltage of cell increases

C) Resistance of cell increases

D) None of the above

Answer is B.

4. Which blood group is a universal recipient?

A) A

B) B

C) O


Answer is D.

5. How many Jyotirlingas are there devoted to Lord Shiva?

A) 6

B) 8

C) 12

D) 16

Answer is C.

6. The first case of novel Coronavirus was identified in

A) Wuhan, Hubei Province

B) Beijing

C) Shanghai

D) Tianjin

Answer is A.

7. Which edition of the ICC Cricket World Cup was held in the year 2019?

A) 10th

B) 11th

C) 12th

D) 13th

Answer is C.

8. The Statue of "Statue of Unity" was made by which Company?


B) Larsen and Toubro

C) Hindustan Construction Com.

D) Lanco Infratech Limited

Answer is B.

9. Which Crop utilizes Solar Energy most efficiently?

A) Potato

B) Sugarcane

C) Wheat

D) Rice

Answer is B.

10. Ozone layer above the surface of Earth provides a shield against

A) X-rays

B) UV rays

C) Gamma rays

D) IR rays

Answer is B.

11. Gas released during the Bhopal tragedy was

A) Methyl isocyanate

B) Sodium isocyanate

C) Ethyl isocyanate

D) Potassium isocyanate

Answer is A.

12. The core of the Transformer is laminated to reduce

A) Eddy's current loss

B) Magnetic loss

C) Hysteresis loss

D) Copper loss

Answer is A.

13. The long form of Periodic Table consist of

A) 8 horizontal and 7 vertical series

B) 7 horizontal and 18 vertical series

C) 7 horizontal and 7 vertical series

D) 8 horizontal and 8 vertical series

Answer is B.

14. Vasco-da-Gama discovered the sea route to India in

A) 1482

B) 1488

C) 1492

D) 1498

Answer is D.

15. By EEG, we can observe the activity of

A) Heart

B) Lung

C) Brain

D) Muscles

Answer is C.

16. SPM stands for

A) Suspended Particulate Matter

B) Standard Particles Material

C) Suspended Particles material

D) None of these

Answer is A.

17. After digestion, Protein is converted into

A) Sucrose

B) Glucose

C) Amino acid

D) Fat

Answer is C.

18. Which is the purest form of the iron?

A) Wrought iron

B) Cast iron

C) Pig iron

D) Steel

Answer is A.

19. Solder is an Alloy of

A) Tin and Lead

B) Tin and Copper

C) Tin, copper and zinc

D) Tin, lead and zinc

Answer is A.

20. Which among the following is not a true fruit?

A) Grape

B) Plum

C) Date

D) Apple

Answer is D.

21. Which one of the following is the softest?

A) Sodium

B) Iron

C) Aluminium

D) Copper

Answer is A.

22. Which one of the following Vitamins is necessary for Blood clotting?

A) Vitamin-A

B) Vitamin-K

C) Vitamin-B

D) Vitamin-C

Answer is B.

23. The Iron obtained from blast furnace is

A) Soft Iron

B) Steel

C) Wrought Iron

D) Pig Iron

Answer is D.

24. Age of Tree is estimated by

A) Its weight

B) Its height

C) By the length of its root

D) By the number of annual rings

Answer is D.

25. National animal of India

A) Cow

B) Peacock

C) Tiger

D) Lion

Answer is C.

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