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General Knowledge| Gk Question Answers Bengali

General Knowledge| Gk Question Answers.

General Knowledge| Gk Question Answers.

General Knowledge| Gk Question Answers, GK  Question, And Answers, Like WBCS, PSC, SSC, RRB, NTPC, UPSC, NDA, WBP, constable, postal, etc exam. 

Today GK, General Knowledge| Gk Question Answers. is India's best website for GK, GK in Bengali, Gk For Wbcs Preliminary Exam 2022,  Rrb Important Science Questions, questions paper, answer key, result, weekly current affairs, gk, RRB Ntpc Gk, mock test, etc. For competitive exams (Like WBCS, PSC, SSC, RRB, NTPC, UPSC, NDA, WBP, constable, postal, etc exam

General Knowledge| Gk Question Answers Gk questions 2022.  Most of the students search on the internet for Bengali current affairs, Gk Question Answers. 

Wbcs Gk (Like Railway, SSC, Primary Tet, General Knowledge  Questions, And Group-c, d, Daily GK and GK in Bengali, Current Affairs and Daily GK Aptitude for UPSC, WBPSC, POLICE, Primary Tet, SSC, SBI Banking| IBPS, IAS, NTSE, CLAT, RRB, UPPSC, GPSC, MPSC, MPPSC, and other states civil services/ all government job recruitment examinations of India.

General Knowledge| Gk Question Answers. 

1. Which of the following is Optical illusion?

A) Rainbow

B) Mirage

C) Eclipse

D) All the above

Answer: B.

2. Ball Pen functions on the Principle of

A) Viscosity

B) Cohesive force

C) Surface Tension

D) None of these

Answer: C.

3. Name the Catalyst used in the conversion of Milk into Curd?

A) Pepsin

B) Lactase

C) Renin

D) Diastase

Answer: B.

4. Who does body Temperature control

A) Hypothalamus

B) Cerebellum

C) Thalamus

D) None of these

Answer: B.

5. The Gas utilized to fill up the Tyres of the Aircraft is

A) Hydrogen

B) Nitrogen

C) Helium

D) Neon

Answer: B.

6. Who named Patliputra to Patna?

A) Udayin

B) Bimbisara

C) Ashoka

D) Sher Shah Suri

Answer: D.

7. What is used in Nail polish remover?

A) Ethanol

B) Chloroform

C) Acetone

D) Water

Answer: C.

8. Where are the Headquarters of the IMF

A) Washington

B) London

C) Paris

D) New York

Answer: A.

9. The mass density of Kerosene is

A) More than water

B) Equal to water

C) Less than water

D) None of these

Answer: C.

10. Who gave the Atomic theory?

A) Rutherford

B) Madam curing

C) John Dalton

D) Henery Bacqurel

Answer: C.

11. Minimum permissible Age for Employment in any Factory

A) 18 years

B) 15 years

C) 16 years

D) 14 years

Answer: D.

12. Hemoglobin is a

A) Protein

B) Fat

C) Vitamin

D) Carbohydrates

Answer: A.

13. Tidal wave on Sea is mainly due to

A) Rotation

B) Revolution

C) Gravitational effect of Moon on Earth

D) None of these

Answer: C.

14. FM stands for

A) Frequent Modulation

B) Frequency Moderation

C) Frequency Monitoring

D) Frequency Modulation

Answer: D.

15. The ultra-pure metal is obtained by

A) Calcination

B) Zone refining

C) Sublimation

D) None of these

Answer: B.

16. Who is the father of Biology

A) Aristotle

B) Hippocrates

C) Charles Darwin

D) Gregor Mendel

Answer: A.

17. Hydraulic lift, Hydraulic press, and Hydraulic brake work on

A) Newton's Second law

B) Pascal's law

C) Hooke's law

D) Newton's third law

Answer: B.

18. Loudness of Noise is measured in

A) Hertz

B) Weber

C) Decibel

D) Tesla

Answer: C.

19. Mercury is also known as

A) Horn Silver

B) Hydrargyrum

C) German Silver

D) None of these

Answer: B.

20. Who is known as the Forest Man of India

A) Rajendra Singh

B) Jadav Payeng

C) Chewang Norphel

D) Saalumarada

Ans: B.

21. Zero Discrimination Day is observed on

A) 1st March

B) 2nd March

C) 3rd March

D) 29th February

Ans: A.

22. Great Stupa at sanchi is in

A) Madhya Pradesh

B) Uttar Pradesh

C) Andhra Pradesh

D) West Bengal

Answer: A.


23. Ezra Cup is associated with which Sports?

A) Football

B) Polo

C) Hockey

D) Badminton

Answer: B.


24. What is the Capital of Uganda

A) Lima

B) Jakarta

C) Buenos Aires

D) Kampala

Answer: D.

25. Tsunami is the name given to which of the following

A) Earthquake

B) Cyclone

C) Tidal waves

D) Undersea waves

Answer: C.

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