General Knowledge| 50 GK Questions| Primary Tet Exam Mcq.

General Knowledge| 50 GK Questions| Primary Tet Exam Mcq.

General Knowledge| 50 GK Questions| Primary Tet Exam Mcq.

50 GK Questions| Primary Tet Exam Mcq. All these are very important for PSC, WBCS, Kolkata Police, WB Police, Navy, and Primary Tet Exam extra.

Dear students, Today GK-ALL Exams-Many thanks to all of you. To participate in our General Knowledge discussion session. Today Gk-All Exams-Here are 50 important GK questions for you. All these GK questions are important for your comparative exam. All these GK questions that can come up in the exam are very important for PSC, WBCS, Kolkata Police, WB Police, Navy, and Primary Tet Exam extra. 

Many thanks to all of you for our 50 GK Questions and General Knowledge To participate in the Q&A session. Here we bring you the very important GK Questions and Answers or General Knowledge Questions answer section. We bring it to you through this blog post Highlights general knowledge and MCQ questions and answers which are very important for all kinds of competitive exams.

General Knowledge| 50 GK Questions| Primary Tet Exam Mcq.

1. Which of the following Sports originated in India?

A) Cricket

B) Football

C) Kabaddi

D) Tennis

Answer is C.

2. The study of the Moon is called is

A) Moonology

B) Lunarlogy

C) Selenology

D) None of these

Answer is C.

3.The largest Planet in our Solar system is

A) Jupitar

B) Mars

C) Earth

D) Mercury

Answer is A.

4. Vasco-da-Gama discovered the Sea route to India in

A) 1450

B) 1498

C) 1480

D) 1490

Answer is B.

5. Which one of the following Dances involves solo performance?

A) Kuchipudi

B) Odissi

C) Kathak

D) Bharatanatyam

Answer is D.

6. The National Chemical Laboratory India is located in

A) Pune

B) Hyderabad

C) Mumbai

D) Kolkata

Answer is A.

7. Rangaswami Cup is associated with

A) Cricket

B) Polo

C) Football

D) Hockey

Answer is D.

8. Which of the following Domain is used for profit Businesses?

A) .org

B) .com

C) .edu

D) .net

Answer is B.

9. Propagation of light quanta may be described by

A) Protons

B) Neutrons

C) Electrons

D) Photons

Answer is D.

10. Which one of the following is considered as a Cell within a Cell?

A) Ribosome

B) Chloroplast

C) Lysosome

D) Golgi apparatus

Answer is B.

11. The headquarter of International Court of Justice is at

A) Hague

B) Geneva

C) New York

D) Paris

Answer is A.

12. The Nobel Prize was instituted by which country?

A) Sweden


C) Japan

D) Russia

Answer is A.

13. In which year did the Parliament adopt Indian Constitution

A) 1930

B) 1939

C) 1947

D) 1949

Answer is D.

14. Which of the following elements is represented by the symbol "Si"?

A) Silicon

B) Sodium

C) Silver

D) Sulphur

Answer is A.

15. Chandigarh is the capital of

A) Himachal Pradesh

B) Both Punjab and Haryana

C) Punjab

D) Haryana

Answer is B.

16. Which of the following is/are rich in vitamin-A?

A) Tomato

B) Carrot

C) Orange

D) Apple

Answer is B.

17. Which was the first Satellite to be sent into space?

A) Vanguard

B) Rohini

C) Sputnik 1

D) Explorer 1

Answer is C.

18. By whom was the modern Periodic table given?

A) Bohr

B) Mendeleev

C) Einstein

D) Mosley

Answer is B.

19. Who has the power to proclaim the State of Emergency in India?

A) Vice President

B) Prime Minister

C) President

D) Chief Justice of India

Answer is C.

20. The image formed on the retina of a human Eye is

A) Virtual and Inverted

B) Virtual and Erect

C) Real and Erect

D) Real and Inverted

Answer is D.

21. Nuclear Fission is caused by the impact of

A) Neutron

B) Proton

C) Electron

D) None of these

Answer is A.

22. Which of the following is a Waterborne disease?

A) Malaria

B) Cholera

C) Smallpox

D) Influenza

Answer is B.

23. Japan's Parliament is known as

A) Diet

B) Dail

C) Yuan

D) Shora

Answer is A.

24. Who is the Father of History?

A) Herodotus

B) Karl Marx

C) Plini

D) Plato

Answer is A.

25. Which is the main source of almost all energy on Earth?

A) Atmosphere

B) Sun

C) Moon

D) Water

Answer is B.

General Knowledge| 50 GK Questions| Primary Tet Exam Mcq.

50 GK Questions| Primary Tet Exam Mcq.

1. The normal human Heart-Beat per minute on an average is

A) 50-100

B) 90-100

C) 60-100

D) 100-120

Answer is C.

2. Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru were executed on

A) 28 January, 1933

B) 23 April, 1932

C) 23 March, 1931

D) 23 February, 1930

Answer is C.

3. What is the full form of "SAIL"?

A) Silicon Authority of India Limited

B) Steel Authority of India Limited

C) System Analysis in Logistics

D) Sales Analyst Income Level

Answer is B.

4. Who discovered the fact that Sunlight consists of seven colours?

A) Faraday

B) Isaac Newton

C) Oersted

D) Snell

Answer is B.

5. The ability of metals to be drawn into thin metal is known as

A) Sonorous

B) Ductility

C) Conductivity

D) Malleability

Answer is D.

6. Hormones are normally absent in

A) Monkeys

B) Cats

C) Rats

D) Bacteria

Answer is D.

7. Evaporation of material takes place

A) Above its melting point

B) Above its boiling point

C) Below its melting point

D) Below its boiling point

Answer is D.

8. Which vitamin is used for the treatment of common cold?

A) Vitamin 'A'

B) Vitamin 'C'

C) Vitamin 'B'

D) Vitamin 'D'

Answer is B.

9. Valence shell is the __ shell of every element.

A) First

B) Middle

C) Penultimate

D) Outermost

Answer is D.

10. Which Creature grows again after it is cut into half?

A) Frog

B) Lizard

C) Earthworm

D) Cockroach

Answer is C.

11. Device used to measure very High Temperature is

A) Bolometer

B) Pyrometer

C) Thermometer

D) Calorimeter

Answer is B.

12. 'Onam' is one of the most important festivals of

A) Kerala

B) Gujarat

C) Karnataka

D) Maharashtra

Answer is A.

13. The cooking gas (LPG) mainly consists of?

A) Ethene

B) Propene

C) Ethyne

D) Propane and Butane

Answer is D.

14. In universal indicators, red colour shows a pH of

A) 0 to 3

B) 4 to 7

C) 12 to 14

D) 8 to 11

Answer is A.

15. Where is Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is

A) Kolkata

B) Visakhapatnam

C) Kerala

D) Ranchi

Answer is B.

16. What is the total length of Indian coastline

A) 6227 km

B) 7,516.6 km

C) 8000 km

D) 9000 km

Answer is B.

17. Who was the first Indian to go into the space?

A) Kalpana Chawla

B) Ravish Malhotra

C) Rakesh Sharma

D) Sunita Williams

Answer is C.

18. How are Detergents called?

A) Soapless soaps

B) Hard soaps

C) Carbolic soaps

D) Soft soaps

Answer is A.

19. Water holding capacity is the highest in?

A) Loamy soil

B) Sandy soil

C) Silty Soil

D) Clayey soil

Answer is D.

20. How many times a half moon is visible in a month?

A) One time

B) Two times

C) Three times

D) Four times

Answer is B.

21. Which of the following has maximum specific Heat?

A) Water

B) Oil

C) Glycerine

D) Alcohol

Answer is A.

22. The longest bone in the body is the

A) Spine

B) Femur

C) Scapula

D) Humerus

Answer is B.

23. What is the full form of "SLV"?

A) Satellite Launch Vehicle

B) Space Lattice Vector

C) Satellite Lesions Vulva

D) System Level Verification

Answer is A.

24. A Printer is this kind of device

A) Input

B) Output

C) Processor

D) Software

Answer is B.

25. What is the full form of "LCM"?

A) Least Count Method

B) Least Common Multiple

C) Lowest Common Multiple

D) Lowest Currency Monetary

Answer is B.

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