General Knowledge Question and Answers| 50 Mcq 2022

General Knowledge Question and Answers| 50 Mcq 2022

General Knowledge Question and Answers| 50 Mcq Questions 2022

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Dear friend: Today GK ALL Exams, Thank you very much for visiting our blog website. We provide this blog website to help students prepare for all types of government and private competitive exams. Such as UPSC, PSC, Primary School Service Commission, Army, Navy, Forest Department, Bank, Railway Group, DRRB NTPC, etc exams. For all kinds of exams, I help students through my blog website Best General Knowledge|50 Mcq |important questions & Answers. I have prepared very important General Knowledge questions and Answer which can help all the candidates.

General Knowledge Question and Answers|50 Mcq 2022

1. Which is the primary component of natural Gas

A) Butane

B) Propene

C) Methane

D) Ethane

Answer is C.

2. The Working Principal of a Washing Machine is

A) Dialysis

B) Reverse osmosis

C) Centrifugation

D) Diffusion

Answer is C.

3. For a Colour Blind Person Red colour appear as

A) Green

B) Yellow

C) Blue

D) Voilet

Answer is A.

4. Unit of Heredity is

A) Chromosomes

B) Gene

C) Chromatin

D) None of these

Answer is B.

5. The Human body dose not produce

A) Enzymes

B) Proteins

C) Hormones

D) Vitamins

Answer is D.

6. Non-Stick frying Pans are coated with

A) Teflon

B) Polypropylene

C) Orlon

D) Polystyrene

Answer is A.

7. Lead in Water can cause

A) Eye disease

B) Arthritis

C) Kidney Damage

D) Hair falling

Answer is C.

8. The World's largest Railway Platform is at

A) Tarchar

B) Gorakhpur

C) Kharagpur

D) New York

Answer is B.

9. Sahara Desert is Situated in

A) Africa

B) Australia

C) Asia

D) Europe

Answer is A.

10. Souring of Milk is due to

A) Protozoa

B) Bacteria

C) Virus

D) Nematode

Answer is B.

11. One astronomical unit is the average distance between

A) Earth and Sun

B) Earth and Moon

C) Earth and Mars

D) Earth and Jupitar

Answer is A.

12. Number of eyes found in Earthworm

A) One

B) Two

C) Many

D) No eye

Answer is D.

13. The largest Union Territory of India is

A) Chandigarh

B) Punducherry

C) Andaman and Nicobar Islands

D) Lakshadweep

Answer is C.

14. The God who is the most prominent in Rigveda is

A) Indra

B) Agni

C) Pasupati

D) Vishnu

Answer is A.

15. Who prepares the Topographical maps of India?

A) Geological Survey of India

B) Survey of India

C) Defense Ministry

D) Geographical survey of India

Answer is B.

16. Which one of the following longitudes determines the Indian Standard Time?

A) 84.5° E

B) 82.5° E

C) 86.5° E

D) 85.5° E

Answer is B.

17. The process of separating of cream from Milk is called

A) Emulsification

B) Electro-osmosis

C) Demulsification

D) Emulsion

Answer is C.

18. BMD testing is done to diagnose

A) Dengue

B) Osteoporosis


D) Malaria

Answer is B.

19. What is the difference between IST and GMT?

A) 5 hours 10 minutes

B) 5 hours 20 minutes

C) 5 hours 30 minutes

D) 5 hours 40 minutes

Answer is C.

20. Where is 'Ninety East Ridge' situated?

A) Indian Ocean

B) Pacific Ocean

C) Atlantic Ocean

D) Arctic Ocean

Answer is A.

21. Blood cells do not shrink in blood because blood is

A) Isotonic

B) Hypertonic

C) Equimolar

D) Hypotonic

Answer is 

22. A satellite revolves around the earth in elliptic Orbit, its speed is

A) Greatest when it is farthest from the Earth

B) Same at all points on the orbit

C) Greatest when it is closest to the earth

D) None of the above

Answer is B.

23. AIDS is caused by

A) Virus

B) Fungus

C) Bacteria

D) Helminth

Answer is A.

24. Who composed the Gayatri Mantra?

A) Vasishtha

B) Vishwamitra

C) Indra

D) Parikshat

Answer is B.

25. The ancient name of North Bihar was

A) Vatsa

B) Surasena

C) Avanti

D) Vajji

Answer is D.

General Knowledge Question and Answers| Mcq Questions 2022

1. Which one among the following city is called the 'Zero-Mile Center' of India?

A) Nagpur

B) Kanpur

C) Allahabad

D) New Delhi

Answer is A.

2. The word Sarvodaya was primarily used by

A) Mahatma Gandhi

B) Vinoba Bhave

C) Jawaharlar Nehru

D) Jai Prakash Narayan

Answer is A.

3. The historical Digambar Jain Temple of Sonagiri is in

A) Gujrata

B) Madhya Pradesh

C) Odisha

D) Uttar Pradesh

Answer is B.

4. When was Telangana state formed?

A) 2 June 2014

B) 2 June 2015

C) 2 August 2014

D) 2 October 2015

Answer is A.

5. West Bengal shares boundaries with how many Countries?

A) One

B) Two

C) Three

D) Four

Answer is C.

6. The News paper brought out by Bal Gangadhar Tilak to promote Nationalism was

A) Kesari

B) Deshbhakti

C) Yugantar

D) None of these

Answer is A.

7. Who is known as the "Lady with the Lamp"?

A) Helen Keller

B) Sarojini Naidu

C) Florence Nightingale

D) Mother Teresa

Answer is C.

8. Which sultan built Alai Darwaza?

A) Akbar

B) Alauddin Khilji

C) Iitutmish

D) Balban

Answer is B.

9. First lady to receive Gyanpeeth Award is

A) Aashapoorna Devi

B) Amrita Pritam

C) Mahashweta Devi

D) Mahadevi Verma

Answer is A.

10. The best source of Vitamin C is

A) Milk

B) Goose Berry

C) Mango

D) Apple

Answer is B.

11. Muddy water is purified by adding alum due to

A) Coagulation

B) Osmosis

C) Emulsification

D) Dialysis

Answer is A.

12. The Radcliffe line is a boundary between

A) India and China

B) India and Afghanistan

C) India and Myanmar

D) India and Pakistan

Answer is D.

13. The river also known as Tsengpo in Tibet is

A) Ganga

B) Teesta

C) Brahmputra

D) Indus

Answer is C.

14. Water is used in hot water bags because

A) It has high specific heat

B) It is easily obtained

C) It is easy to heat water

D) It is cheaper and is not harmful

Answer is A.

15. If a Refrigerator's door is kept open, then

A) Room will be cooled

B) Room will be heated

C) Room may get cooled or heated depending upon the water

D) No effect

Answer is B.

16. Blood bank of human body is

A) Pancreas

B) Spleen

C) Gall bladder

D) None of these

Answer is B.

17. Who was the teacher of Gautam Budhha?

A) Panini

B) Kapila

C) Alara kalama

D) Patanjali

Answer is C.

18. Which is the first colour film of India?

A) Kisan Kanya (1937)

B) Jhansi ki Rani (1953)

C) Aan (1952)

D) Sairandhri (1933)

Answer is A.

19. Statue of Unity is built on which River?

A) Sabarmati

B) Mahi

C) Narmada

D) Tapti

Answer is C.

20. When was IPL started?

A) 2008

B) 2007

C) 2009

D) 2010

Answer is A.

21. Who won the first Football World Cup?

A) Uruguay

B) Argentina

C) Yugoslavia

D) Brazil

Answer is A.

22. What is the name of the disease caused by Coronavirus

A) COVn-19




Answer is B.

23. The term Ecology was first used by

A) Ernst Haeckel

B) G Taylor

C) Tansley

D) Jean Brunhes

Answer is A.

24. The temperature of Gas is measured with a

A) Gas thermometer

B) Platinum resistance thermometer

C) Vapour pressure thermometer

D) Pyrometer

Answer is D.

25. Cooking taken longest time

A) At Shimla

B) At the sea level

C) At Mount Everest

D) None of these

Answer is C.

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